The TiLite Advantage

When selecting an ultralight wheelchair, there are important choices regarding key features of the chair. These choices will influence the performance, fit, look, and feel of the chair. Because each person is unique, these choices matter and TiLite offers the widest range of choices available. Below is an overview of these key features to help you and your clinician or assistive technology provider make the right choices for you.

We Are You

From our designers and engineers to our sales people in the field, you will find chair users. When we design for you, we are designing for us. This means that we know what it takes to make the best chair and we know how important it is that the chair is right for you.

Choice Matters™

TiLite provides the best in both titanium and aluminum chairs so that YOU are able to make the choice that’s right for you. By offering more options than any other manufacturer, TiLite ensures that the unique needs of each individual are met.


The difference between a TiFit chair and all other chairs is that a TiFit chair is a wheeled prosthetic: Every frame is made to measure. The optimized fit of a TiFit chair brings unparalleled performance and function. You will feel the difference in everything you do.


At TiLite, we have a singular focus and a singular goal: Make the best manual wheelchairs in the world. That is all we do. No distractions.

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