Smart-Shift sets the industry standard for "Electronic Shift" applications. It can be installed into any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission by the staff at American LIft Aids. No more missed gears or waiting in traffic for other actuator systems to slowly move. Smart-Shift travels from Park to Drive in 1.3 seconds! Simply press the desired key one time and the actuator moves to the desired gear automatically.

There are 2-styles for Smart-Shift: one for "stand-alone" applications that require a separate keypad, and one that is incorporated into the AEVIT 2.0 LCD Display. Smart-Shift incorporates positional feedback as well as fully automatic positioning of the actuator in any of the five gear choices like Drive, Reverse, Park, Neutral, and Drive 2. When a key is engaged, the actuator will move the transmission to the selected gear, stop automatically, and illuminate the LED indicator.

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